Tree Pruning for Health and Harmony

At Tree Service Jacksonville, we offer tree pruning services. This is very important for tree care and preservation. We do this by selectively removing branches to improve the overall health, structure, and appearance of a tree. Pruning not only provides a beautiful tree canopy, but also helps the tree grow strong and healthy, which ensures its longevity. It is also an important measure to ensure the safety of people and property. There are several reasons why tree pruning is important.

First of all, removing dead, diseased or damaged branches maintains the health of the tree. This prevents the spread of infection or pests. It also improves air circulation and light penetration in the tree canopy, reducing the risk of disease and promoting healthy growth.

Regular pruning also helps maintain the structural integrity of a tree. We accomplish this by cutting out weak branches. This reduces the risk of branch breakage or property damage. Above all, pruning young trees is especially important to create a strong branching structure as they grow.

Incidentally, a healthy tree with a healthy crown is a real eye-catcher.

And, of course, safety is an important factor. Dead and diseased branches can fall and injure people or damage your property. Especially during storms, such branches become a danger.

It is important for fruit trees to be pruned regularly so that energy goes into the tree's fruit production. By pruning out unnecessary or diseased branches, they ensure a good harvest.

There are several ways to prune a tree, each with its own benefits.

Crown cleaning involves removing dead, diseased and broken branches from the tree crown. This helps improve the health of the tree and prevents the spread of infection or pests.

Crown thinning selectively removes branches to improve light penetration and air circulation in the tree crown. This improves the health of the tree because crown thinning reduces the risk of disease by improving growing conditions. It can also prevent storm damage by reducing wind resistance through a thinned tree canopy.

​Crown reduction involves reducing the size of the tree crown by shortening the branches. Here, the focus is on the outer edge of the crown. This supports the health of the tree and prevents branch breakage due to excessive weight. It is mainly used when trees are very close together, or close to buildings.

There is also structural pruning. This is used on young trees to promote healthy growth. In this process, competing and crossing branches are removed, creating a dominant main shoot. This way, the trees have a robust and balanced crown even in old age.

Our trained arborists can tell you which measure is the right one for your trees. Make an appointment with us today. An expert from our team will then come to your home and inspect your trees. Afterwards he will discuss with you which measures are necessary. Regular care of your trees is cheaper than you think. And much cheaper than damage caused by falling branches or falling trees.

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