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At Tree Service Jacksonville, we are well equipped to handle tree removal. While we always strive to preserve and maintain trees as much as possible, sometimes removing a tree is the only reasonable solution.

There are many reasons to cut down a tree. The most important is probably safety. Diseased, rotten or even already dead trees or branches represent a danger that should not be underestimated. They can suddenly fall down or break apart during a storm or heavy rain. A life-threatening situation. In addition, enormous property damage can occur. Even large branches can cause enormous damage.

Another aspect is disease control. If a tree is so badly infected that it cannot be cured, it is necessary to remove it. This is necessary to prevent the disease from spreading to your healthy trees and plants.

Sometimes there are just too many trees close together. This hinders the healthy growth of the trees because they have to compete for nutrients and light. Our recommendation is to select the healthiest trees and have the rest removed.

​Planning a new building or want to redesign your property from the ground up?

This is another reason for tree felling. Likewise, if a tree is too close to the house and its branches are threatening to damage the house. Or if it casts so much shade that the house is constantly in the shade. This favors moisture and mold growth.

For each situation the right solution

There are different types of tree removal, each tailored to thSub-headlinee specific situation and tree size:

Complete tree removal involves removing the entire tree, including the trunk and branches. In this case, the tree is cut in sections. This gives you control over it. On built-up properties, this method is popular because it ensures the highest level of safety. In felling, on the other hand, the tree is cut in one piece. This requires skill and knowledge. The tree is sawn in a certain way with the help of a chain saw in order to bring it down in the desired direction.

In tree climbing or aerial dismantling, the arborist climbs the tree and removes branches and parts of the trunk piece by piece. The cut pieces are lowered safely to the ground using a guying device. This technique is ideal for trees in tight spaces or near buildings, power lines or other obstacles. A crane can also be used to remove a tree. Especially if it is large or in a difficult location. The crane is used to support the weight of the tree or its parts as it is cut and then lowered safely to the ground.

Once the tree is cut, it is still necessary to remove the stump. There are two methods here. The first is stump grinding and the second is stump removal. For stump grinding, our stump grinder is used. It shreds the tree stump to just below the surface. In stump removal, the entire stump is removed, including the roots. It's best to discuss which is the better solution for you with our experts.

At Tree Service Jacksonville, we have the trained professionals, knowledge, machinery, and experience necessary to provide you with the highest level of safety. We are licensed and insured. Our employees receive regular training to stay on top of the latest standards of knowledge and skill.

In addition, we pay close attention to safety. It is important to us to protect you, your loved ones, your fellow men and your property.

But not only that. Service and customer satisfaction is a priority for us. After the tree has been felled, we are also happy to take care of the disposal. If you wish, we can chop the tree into firewood. Smaller branches and twigs can be shredded into mulch with our chipper. Whatever you choose, it is important to us to leave an impeccably clean and tidy job site.

Are you planning a new planting? We will be happy to advise you! Make an appointment with us today. You will be amazed at our offer and our fair prices.

One of your trees is threatening to fall or has already fallen? A situation where quick action is necessary. That's why we have a 24/7 emergency service for you. So we can quickly and safely prevent worse!

To prevent this from happening in the first place, we recommend an inspection of your trees. For this purpose, a trained arborist will come to you and inspect your trees and your location. But not only that. He will also perform various tests to make sure the tree is healthy inside and at the root as well. Once the test results are in, this skilled worker will explain to you what needs to be done, and we will be happy to do it for you.

For expert advice on your specific situation call us now at 501-510-7781. You will see, you and your trees are in good hands with us!

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